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    Online Dissertation Writing Workshop: August 2020

    Monday, August 3, 2020 at 8:30 AM until Friday, August 7, 2020 at 4:30 PMCentral Daylight Time

    We're aware that now, more than ever, people are finding it hard to write at home, and dissertation writing, which can already feel somewhat isolating, might seem even more overwhelming. This online workshop is a time for you all to step into your protected writing spaces, with a community of dissertation writers, and the support of faculty and graduate writing facilitators.

    What attendees can expect:
    • big blocks of time to write
    • learn practical and effective strategies for writing and completing longer projects
      • including writing routines and writing groups
    • make meaningful and significant progress on your dissertation
    • enjoy the community and support of like-minded scholars and writers
    • receive evidence-based strategies for completing a dissertation

    Workshop Requirements:
    • Doctoral student (PhD or EdD programs)
    • have data in hand and be ready to write
    • intending to graduate Spring or Summer 2021
    • Advisor confirmation they are ready to write (we will contact them directly)
    Once approved for participation attendees will be required to:
    • Attend all five of the all-day workshop sessions
    • Attend all of the accountability sessions- they will meet ~monthly four times throughout the semester
    If these conditions are met, participants are eligible for a $300 participation award. Participants failing to attend all of the workshop sessions and all of the accountability sessions will be charged a $100 non-participation fee to their bursar account.
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