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    Colleague Circle

    Colleague Circle Spring 2020
    “Get out of your silo.” This advice is often given to graduate students, but how do you do that? Here is a chance to meet other graduate students who share common interests, or perhaps similar challenges. For example, did you ever wish you could share ideas with other GTAs who are assigned to large classes about effective classroom management? Or what if you are interested in developing habit to increase your writing productivity? Maybe you love to cook and try new foods, why not gather with other graduate students to share your favorite foods?

    Students will be grouped (4-5 students per group) by common themes and have the opportunity to meet periodically (at least 4 times) throughout the semester.

    In addition to meeting regularly the group will develop an output (see suggestions below), each student will report the activity and complete the reflection questions for the 360°Critical Skills for Career Success program, toward earning a level 2 micro-credential for the appropriate competency.

    Themes for this semester:
    • Exploring the world through food (wellness)
    • Effective TA strategies for lab courses (instruction)
    • Effective TA strategies for discussion sections/recitations/small courses (instruction)
    • How to write a lot: developing a writing practice (communication)
    • Walking or running group (wellness)
    • Knitting and other hand crafts (wellness)

    Possible outputs:
    • Propose a panel or session that could be hosted by the Graduate College, suggest potential panelists or facilitator, with general topic information and five proposed questions the panel or facilitator could address
    • Develop a resource related to your theme that can be included in the Graduate Student community, this might be a page that includes links to relevant resources
    • Create a 3 Minute Challenge video entry related to your theme, eligible to compete in the spring 2020 3MC!

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